Texas-Based Company and Customer Support

Virtual Drive of Texas started right here in the state of Texas over 15 years ago. We continue to be the leader in providing innovative and easy to use Texas driver’s education online courses geared to make you a better driver. We have trained hundreds of thousands of Texans to drive safely. And our friendly Texas-based customer support staff is always ready and willing to assist.

State of Texas Approved Courses

Our programs have passed the rigorous approval process of both the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations and the Texas Department of Public Safety. This means that when you complete your Texas driver education online with Virtual Drive, you will be receiving top-notch courses that are proven to help you pass your DPS exams. Since we are state approved you are guaranteed to receive the correct certificate of completion whether you are completing a Parent Taught Teen Drivers Ed course or a Texas Adult Drivers Education Program.

Independent Safety Survey

We are dedicated to ensuring that we give the proper training and courses to any student taking Texas driver’s education online with us. We are so confident in our courses that we had an independent third party review our effectiveness. You can read the survey results here. You will see that we truly do build our courses because we want you to be safe and secure on the roads. To us, every student does matter!

Technical Support

Most of your technical questions can be answered right away by simply visiting our online Help Center. 806-352-9558 or 888-83V-DRIVE.

Virtual Drive of Texas – Every Student Matters

Virtual Drive of Texas is committed to making driver’s education count for every student. Our company was founded by parents of teens needing a comprehensive and affordable option for completing driver’s education. They found the state course outline overwhelming and other private parent taught courses difficult and cumbersome. With their 25 plus years of multimedia computer based training and design skills, they developed a course that was not only easy and effective for the student, but one that would break down the daunting process so parents could easily understand and perform the training required by the State of Texas. To date, thousands upon thousands of teenagers have now been trained in the proper techniques of safe driving with the help of Virtual Drive of Texas.

We are and always have been a Texas-based company. We believe in family values and that is why you will find our entire family working to make Texas roads safer through high quality, unmatched driver’s education training programs.

During the more than 15 years in which Virtual Drive has provided driver’s education in Texas, it has been our pleasure serving the new drivers of Texas, their parents, and families. We continue to grow our programs to enhance driving skills for all drivers throughout the state.

Obtaining your Texas driver’s license can be a long and challenging process. However, with the below resources at your disposal, it can be made easier. These forms, videos, and articles can help educate you on the process and provide you with the information that you need to become licensed. From articles detailing how to obtain your license or permit to educational videos and downloadable state forms, everything that you need to start driving in the State of Texas is included below.

We would like to thank you for becoming part of the Virtual Drive family and we welcome your comments and questions any time. Texas Drivers Ed Resources – Stay Safe on the Road!


These videos are tremendously helpful resources. If you are in the process of getting your learner’s permit or Texas driver’s license, we encourage you to watch the videos below. They are informative, easy to understand, and convenient.


One of the simplest, most effective ways to learn more about how you can obtain your learner’s permit or license is through research. The below articles are great education resources and can provide you with all of the information you need to start the licensing process.


Don’t waste time hunting down the various state forms that are required to begin the licensing process. We have compiled them together below for your convenience. Download these forms as PDF documents or in Word format – the choice is yours. Once you’ve downloaded the appropriate state form, you can file it with the State of Texas and get started!

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Texas Driver’s Handbook

If you are studying for your Texas permit or drivers license, the DPS handbook will help you obtain the information you need to pass the exams.

How To’s

These how-to articles and guides can help you learn more about what steps you must take to earn your driving privileges.