Texas Online Driver Ed- Approved for Teens and Adults

Virtual Drive of Texas maintains 100% approval of our Texas online drivers ed programs through the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas Education Agency. State approval is a privilege, which we take seriously and you should as well. If you have any questions regarding our approval status please see the information below or feel free to contact our customer support team.

Texas Parent Taught Teen Driver’s Education

Completely Online: $149.95

The Texas Department of Public Safety officially approves us as Course #107. Our Texas online driver’s education course has been approved for more than 10 years. We are proud to say that we have never received any violations or suspension in over a decade.

Benefits of an Approved Course

• Official State Certificate upon Completion

• Course has been Vetted and Tested by DPS

• Texas Instructors and Service Representatives

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Texas Adult Driver Ed

TEA Approved (C2636) Adult Driver Education: $44.95

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Virtual Drive (Course #C2636) was one of the first approved providers of the Texas Online Adult Drivers Education Program. Our years of experience in providing driver education allowed us to create a course for the 18-24 year old audiences, which is interactive, fun and easy to use. Completing our approved course will mean you are getting:

• Certified TEA Certificate upon course completion

• Personal Validation which meets the state standards (no Notary needed)

• Online Written DPS Exam (no need to wait in line)

We are also the only Texas-approved online driver’s education provider that provides more than the online course. We offer a BONUS In-Car Training Video with a retired Texas DPS officer to help you pass the in-car test at the DPS office.


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We are Here For Our Students

We know getting your Texas drivers license is a monumental occasion for students of any age. We also know there are many steps to the process and that is why we have provided you with all of the information needed to complete either the Texas Parent Taught Driver Ed Course or the Texas 6-hour Adult Driver’s education course.

Remember, if you need any help our customer support team is always ready to answer any questions you may have.

Parent Taught Driver’s Education

Steps to Licensing

Completely Online: $74.95

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Virtual Drive is here to make your experience of obtaining your Texas driver’s license as smooth as possible. Here is what both teens and parents will need to do in order to succeed:

Step One: Order your State Approved Course

Virtual Drive of Texas
 State Approved Course #107

Step Two: Obtain Your Learner’s Permit

Once the student has registered with the state of Texas to take the Parent Taught Program (form DL-92) and has finished Module 1 of Virtual Drive of Texas, they are prepared to apply for a Learner’s Permit through your local DPS office. Please be aware that the student and parent/guardian must bring the required documents to the driver license office. The forms needed are provided inside the course and an easy to follow video is available to help the parent prepare these forms.

Step Three: Obtain Your Driver’s License

Once your student is 16, has held the permit for 6 months, and has completed the Virtual Drive of Texas course, he/she is eligible to apply for an unrestricted Texas Driver License through your local DPS office. Due to new State laws, your student will now be required to take a driving test administered by the DPS. This is a new requirement for all first time drivers in the State of Texas. Don’t worry; we have a supplemental video available that helps the student prepare for the driving test. No other course has anything like this.

After you obtain your license, be sure to check with your Insurance Agent for reduced rates on insurance. The Virtual Drive Certificate of Completion qualifies for a 10 to 15% discount with most agencies.

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Texas Adult Drivers Education

Steps to Licensing

TEA Approved (C2636) Adult Driver Education: $38

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It is now mandatory that in order to receive a Texas drivers license every person between the ages 18 and less than 25 years of age complete a 6-hour adult driver’s education course.

Virtual Drive makes this process as easy as possible. Our course is 100% online and if completed today, you can have your certificate of completion as soon as tomorrow with instant online certificate capability. The official certificate qualifies as completion of the Texas DPS written exam so once you have it in hand, all you will need to do is schedule an in-car driving test.

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Texas DPS Practice Tests

Online Learner’s Permit Practice Test: $8.95

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Our online practice tests provide you with unlimited tests for 30 days. We provide over 200 state-specific questions that prepare you to pass your online Texas driver’s education exam as well as your TX DPS learner’s permit test on the first try.

Need to study for a CDL course? Visit our CDL page for course details and registration.

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