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What Our Customers Are Saying

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I am currently working with my daughter on completing the drive time portion of the course. Our goal is for her to take the driver’s test over the holidays in order to get her license.

So far, the course has been user-friendly, yet thorough. I particularly like the repetition of the key learnings throughout the modules and the paperwork. This reinforces key points and helps the teen to identify scenarios on the road. Repetition has helped tremendously.

Feel free to send me a reminder in January and I’ll be glad to provide a concrete testimonial for you.

Cindy K.

My husband and I chose Virtual Drive of Texas for both of our children. Our family had great success with this parent-taught program as it was very simple to follow and very detailed in providing crucial lessons regarding driving. Also, I had questions regarding some forms with my son and they were extremely kind and helpful. My son has been driving for two years and is an excellent driver. My daughter is completing her course at the present time and I feel confident that she will be ready to hit the roads when she finishes. I highly recommend this parent-taught course to anyone that is getting their child ready for the next big stage of their life.

D. Dupree

My middle child, due to her schedule, needed to take a self-paced parent taught driving class. Teaching my own child was not my first choice, but the Virtual Drive Texas Course worked out great. She easily passed the written learner’s permit test and on the actual driving test for her license she got the highest score of the day. For the parent instruction part, I even learned a few things that worked not taught as part of the high school driver’s education courses of the 1980s. We also saved a lot of money compared to a traditional school.

E. Howard

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the course on any device

Yes, you can switch devices and our system keeps track of your progress.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a 100% money back on courses that have not received an official state certificate.

Are you state approved

InstaDriversEd is a new product offering from the creaters of Virtual Drive of Texas (State Approved Course #107)

Your certificate will be issued by Virtual Drive of Texas

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