Did you know?

Virtual Drive is approved to offer driver’s education online for both teens and adults. With over 10 years of experience based right here in the state of Texas, you can complete our state-approved courses at any time that works for you. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions below and if you need any extra assistance please contact our Texas Based Customer Service Team.

You can get your Learner’s Permit

If you are 15 years old, you can apply for your learner’s permit immediately after you have received your packet from the state of Texas, have taken Virtual Driver or Texas Module 1, and have passed the required test from the DPS office.

You can get your Texas Driver’s License

If you are 16 years of age, have successfully completed Virtual Drive Driver Education and have had a valid Learner’s Permit for a minimum of six months.

Your Virtual Drive Certificate of Completion can be accessed online

Simply Login using your student’s username and password.


Are your courses Texas State Approved?

YES! Both of our courses are fully approved.

Parent Taught Drivers Ed: Virtual Drive of Texas (Course #107) is the only state-approved course designed specifically for the State of Texas and is all you need to get your license at 16 years old and receive a discount on your insurance

Texas Virtual Drive 32-Hour Alternative Method Instruction (Teacher-Led)

Virtual Drive was the first company to be approved to teach driver education online with the oversight of a professional and certified instructor. This course allows the parent and student the luxury of having a teacher responsible for the classroom part and still have the freedom to teach the in-car portion if they want.

Texas Adult Driver Education is fully approved by the Texas Education Agency (Course #C2636). The course is mandatory for new drivers age 18-24 and can also be completed by drivers aged 25 and over to meet the DPS examination requirements.

Can I use the Parent Taught Course for both of my children?

Each child must register individually to receive credit for the course. The first child in each household must purchase the program at full price; each additional child will pay $25 off of the cost of the listed price. Call 833-3VDRIVE for more details.

How old do I have to be to take this driver education course online?

Teen Course: The state of Texas requires that you be at least 14 years of age to take drivers education online. However, you will want to take Module 1 and apply for your Learner’s Permit six months before your 16th birthday if you want to get your license on your 16th birthday.

Adult Course: Senate Bill 1317 mandates that any new drivers age 18-24 complete the Texas Adult Drivers education course before obtaining a license.

Will I need to take a written or driving test at the DPS office after I have completed this course to get my Texas Driver’s License?

Teen Course: If you take this course, you will be eligible to take the written test with Virtual Drive online. You are required to take the driving test either at the Texas DPS office or one of the approved 3rd party testers in the state. Many of the larger commercial schools offer this testing.

Adult Course: Our adult course covers the written DPS exam so you will not have to take that at the DPS. All new drivers regardless of age will be required to complete a behind the wheel exam at the DPS.

How do I get started with a Parent Taught Course?

Teen Course: Just click on the Register Now or the Buy Now button. We will then provide everything you will need to be eligible to take this class.

Adult Course: Simply register for the 6-hour program and complete your drivers Education online today. We even have immediate certificate availability.

Do you have to complete the full 6 hours all at once?

The Virtual Drive Adult classroom structure consists of a 6-hour curriculum that can be managed at the pace of each individual student over 3 months. This course also provides needed extensions.

Is there a time limit on completing the Texas Course 107?

The Virtual Drive Course 107 classroom structure consists of a 2 hour a day lesson plan spanning 16 days. What kind of online company would we be if we didn’t provide over 20 times that expectation? By providing our students one year of online access, we also provide them the flexibility to control their own schedule. In the few occasions where one year was met with unexpected time complications, we do give extensions to the account for 3 months for less than $30.


What are the computer requirements for Texas Online Driver Education?

Windows (Online or CD ROM)

• Pentium 133 processor

• Windows 2000/XP

• 64 meg RAM

• Video card – 800 X 600 displays

• Sound Card with speakers

• Color Monitor

• Internet Connection

• Flash Player

• Acrobat Reader

• Printer

Mac (Available Online Only)

• OS X.1 later

• 128 MB RAM for OS X.1 or later

• 800 x 600 256-color monitor

• Internet Connection

• Flash Player

• Acrobat Reader

• Printer

Why doesn’t the paperwork from my packet match the Course 107 paperwork?

Virtual Drive is granted approval by the state to provide paperwork more appropriate to the course 107 structures. The paperwork can be found in the forms section of the course in the “What to take to the DPS” course link, on the main page.

How long does it take for me to receive my state approved certificate for online adult driver’s education?

Once the final test has been completed with a passing grade, you will have full access to the electronic certificate of completion, approved by the TDLR and Texas DPS.

What does the time on each lesson link mean?

The time specified is the required amount of time the student must spend on each lesson. Once the time has been completed, the lesson will continue.

What is your return policy?

Refund minus $10 for any course that hasn’t been taken. Any course that has marked with progress past Module 1, there is no refund available.


  • Texas DPS Approved
  • Completely Online
  • No Hassles, Study When You Want

Texas Parent Taught Driver Education

Virtual Drive has offered a Texas Driver’s Course for over 10 years. Our proven training methods allow students to:

• Better Retain Course Information

• Succeed in Passing the DPS Exam the first time

• Become a Safe, Responsible and Secure Driver

What Does the Course Contain?

We know that not all courses are created equal. Many courses are cut and paste and provide the exact amount of information needed to pass the state requirements, Not Virtual Drive. We believe that information is KING and we want our students to be KING OF THE ROAD. Our goal and prior statistics show that by taking our comprehensive program you will obtain your learner’s permit on the first try. Our course contains up to date information, stats, and all materials geared to produce a driver that is ready to pass both exams and get on the road with the knowledge and understanding needed to be a safe, responsible and courteous driver. Get ready to learn all the:

• Texas road rules

• State Regulations

• Road Markers and Signs

Don’t worry; everything you need to be a safe and responsible driver is in our course. The Texas driver’s course that you will complete with us takes care of your online classroom requirements. Your In-Car training needs are also available.

Is the Course and Exam Hard?

Not at all, we have included multiple learning techniques so people of all learning levels can take our course. We prepare you at the end of each section with 6 to 10 knowledge checks so that when you get to the final you will have all of the information you need. The best part is that you get to take the final exam as many times as you need to pass. If you have any problems with our Texas driver’s course, you have a full complement of experienced staff members at your disposal.

How Do I Get Started?

You can get started immediately. All you need to do is register using one of our payment options. You can register online at any time or contact one of our customer service representatives to assist you. Just give us a call.

Online Instructor Led Drivers Ed

Sometimes you just need something that fits YOU. YOU are special and we know that so we have developed a course specifically for you and your needs. You may not want a parent taught course but you don’t really want to drive your student to class every night for a month either. We believe we have exactly what you are looking for. Our VIRTUAL DRIVE HYBRID.

This 32-hour Online Alternative Method Instruction (AMI) course is the perfect solution. We call it our Hybrid. This is new to Texas so you may not have heard of it yet. Virtual Drive was the first to bring this to Texas. We can now teach your student the required 32 hours of classroom online, with an Online Instructor that is not considered Parent Taught. That’s right, this is NOT a Parent Taught Course.

This eliminates the need for the parent to be actively involved in the most time-consuming part. Let our instructors guide your student all the way through, grade their assignments, monitor their progress and then provide a certificate that will allow them to get their learner’s permit. Then we will help you determine what the best approach may be to teach them the In-Car lessons. If you decide you can do it, we will make sure you have the right tools. If you decide to send them to a professional school, we will easily transfer them. Either way, life will be much easier with Virtual Drive AMI.

Here are some great reasons to purchase our HYBRID APPROACH:

• Only $99.95 (limited time) – That is $80 off our regular price.

• Interactive lessons provide a better retention rate than stand up classroom

• An Online Instructor so the parent doesn’t have to worry about anything

• TEA approved – First to be approved in Texas for the hybrid approach

• In-Car availability through Virtual Drive or we can easily transfer to the school of your choice

• Insurance Discounts of 10% with this course

• Learner’s Permit Test available guaranteeing that you will pass the DPS test the first time, or your money is returned.



Pass or Your Money Back

State Specific Questions and Answers

Convenient and 100% Online

Texas DPS Practice Test

By taking our TX DPS practice test you will increase your chances of passing your learner’s permit exam on your first try. No one wants to have to go back to the DPS office for a second time. Our program removes the probability of failure. This series of online tests offers 4 unique exams with over 200 questions and you will have unlimited attempts to practice for a full 30 days. We also have 8 videos, which will reinforce the information that accompany the practice tests. Your enrolment will include all of the following materials:

Four Exams with Texas DPS Practice Test questions covering

Test 1:

Texas DPS Specific Questions

Test 2:

Signs/Signals/Street Markings/Symbols

Test 3:

General Driving Knowledge

Test 4:

Drinking and Driving

8 Support Videos:

City Streets
Identifying & Avoiding Conflict
 Negotiating Intersections

Driving Under the Influence
 Fundamentals of Vehicle Control
 Identify, Predict, Decide, Execute
 Turning Maneuvers

Enroll today and take advantage of our 100% pass guarantee. The TX DPS practice tests we provide will give you all of the knowledge needed to pass on the first try or your money back.

Taking the online practice tests will put you on the path to success.

New to Texas?

Our TX DPS practice tests not only help new drivers pass the DPS exam, but can help drivers of all levels. Whether you are renewing your license or new to the state of Texas complete our program before you head to the DPS and pass on the first try!


State Approved Course #107

Easy Payment Options

Complete On Your Own Time

Home Course
- Texas Parent Taught Teen Drivers Ed

Texas Approved Parent Taught Teen Driver’s Education

Getting your first license is easy with the Virtual Drive of Texas Parent-Taught Driver’s Education Packages.

The state of Texas has approved our course and we have been training teens and parents for more than a decade. Over the last 10 years, we have perfected online and in-car training. We know how teens learn and what their parents need to teach them how to be responsible drivers once they are on the roads.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that our proved teaching methods will create safer drivers and roads for all Texans. And we can guarantee it will not be hard on either parents or teens. That is because not only do we offer state-approved Parent-Taught Driver’s Education, we also offer the state approved In-Car Training guide. The combination of these two programs will give you all of the knowledge you need to succeed.

How We Know What You Need

Instructors that have over 25 years of computer-based training experience design our Course. No other provider can even come close to matching the resources and effort that we put into creating our curriculum and keeping it up to date with the latest date, newest laws and driver training best practices.

Did we mention that parents of teen drivers designed our class? Our experts not only wrote the course – they used it to train their own children. Learning from real hands-on training experiences has allowed us to enhance the parent taught drivers education which we provide and make it the most effective course on the market today.

We know because we have been there and done that. Enroll today and see why Virtual Drive is the driver-training leader in Texas.